About the Artist

The Artist


Frank is the youngest of renown Canadian artist Tom Forrestall's celebrated family of artists. In a family recognized for its diverse creative directions Frank's figurative work melds elements of Surrealism, Classical and Pop Art. His work is informed by his struggle in recovering from personal mental health crisis. In 2016 Frank ended his 20 year career as a Visual Effects and Animation Artist and began to pursue his painting full time. Rife with symbolism drawn from world mythology, folklore, mysticism and pop-culture, Frank's paintings emerge as deeply personal essays drawing parallels between individual mental health and broader social mores. His work functions as a form of catharsis, as much for himself as the viewer.

Artist Statement

In my work I attempt to capture imagery that resonates with the viewer at an archetypal level of consciousness. I've had a life-long fascination with mythology and folklore; in particular how or why ancient stories survive into the modern age and what they can tell us about the current state of our culture and our personal world view. Mythology remains important precisely because it speaks timeless truth over many generations. Thinkers such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have pointed out while the stories might change, the underlying archetypes remain rooted at the deepest level of human consciousness; always finding new ways to emerge in art and storytelling. One can see an unbroken chain of mythic imagery from The Epic of Gilgamesh to Star Wars, demonstrating that mythology has remained a vibrant exploration of spiritual concerns throughout human civilization. Each new myth that is written requires the meditation and expression of an artist. Employing forms of automatism and automatic drawing my paintings are an attempt to build a visual bridge between my personal dream landscape and collective unconscious. If I'm successful, the viewer will feel welcome to cross that bridge and the personal dream – now shared – is realized as myth.


  • August 2023: "Road to Neverville" solo show @ The Craig Gallery; Dartmouth NS
  • July 2023: "Road to Neverville" solo exhibition @ The Fraser Gallery; Tatamagouche, NS.
  • March 2020: “Sacred Motes” solo exhibition @ Kit Cafe & Gallery; Halifax NS.
  • March 2019: “Neverworlds” solo exhibition @ The Craig Gallery; Dartmouth NS.
  • February 2019: “Knickknacks & Psychopomps” solo exhibition @ The D'Art Gallery; Dartmouth NS.
  • January 2018: “Dark Gnosis” solo exhibition @ Plan-B Gallery; Halifax NS.


  • September 2023: "Critical Care" group exhibition @ The Ice House Gallery; Tatamagouche, NS
  • January 2022: “Surreal Salon 14” group show @ Baton Rouge Gallery; Baton Rouge LA.
  • May 2021: “Invisible Visibility” online group show @ artsteps.com
  • October 2019: “DAMNED: Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness” group show @ Tangent Gallery; Detroit MI.
  • June 2018: “Dream Selfies” group show (curated and contributed) @ Chase Gallery; Halifax NS.
  • February 2010: “Art For the Planet” group show @ Fred Gallery; Halifax NS.


  • October 2020: "American Art Awards" Art Brut 3rd Place for "Chimerical Beast" and 4th Place for "Stylite's Dream"; Los Angeles, CA.


  • August 2023: "Mr. Veggie Pig" painting commissioned @ Real Fake Meat; Halifax NS.
  • August 2022: "Cosmic Vortex 2" mural commissioned @ High Grade Smoke Shop; Dartmouth NS.
  • October 2021: "Cosmic Vortex 1" mural commissioned @ High Grade Smoke Shop; Millbrook NS.
  • June 2018: "The Exquisite Beast" mural commissioned @ Copernicus Animation Studio; Halifax NS.

Mr Veggie Pig