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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Boy & Dog, 2019

Boy & Dog, 2019

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32" x 49" Acrylic on Board; Basic Frame

A boy and his dog at play in a post-apocalyptic realm. Play and whimsy in world of lost potential; theme of hope and stillness in a hopeless world. The figures are frozen, the dog's tail seems to wag excitedly but there are in fact three tails petrified in rust.

The bond between boys and dogs is a timeless and heartwarming connection that transcends generations. Emblematic of loyalty, friendship, and unwavering companionship, this relationship is a testament to the unique understanding that can exist between a child and their canine companion. From the exuberant playfulness of a puppy to the steadfast loyalty of an older dog, these partnerships often become a foundational part of a boy's formative years. Dogs, with their innate ability to sense emotions, become confidants and playmates, fostering a sense of responsibility, empathy, and unconditional love. Whether embarking on adventures, sharing quiet moments, or providing a source of solace, the companionship between boys and dogs enriches both lives, shaping enduring memories that resonate throughout adulthood. In this special bond, boys find not only a friend but a companion who teaches them invaluable lessons about empathy, responsibility, and the enduring power of unconditional love even on to the end of the world.

The reverse is a vision drawn from my Spanish sketchbook. Inspired in part by Medieval imagery and automatic dream sketching. A harrowed soul cries out in an endless dreamscape of paranoia.

F. Forrestall

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