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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Fruit of His Conquest, 2024

Fruit of His Conquest, 2024

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#2 of 6 in the "Lost Tales of Sacred Fruit" series of miniatures painted in February 2024.

13" x 8" acrylic on board.

At the end of his life the Great Conqueror sits alone in his palace, the opulent fruit of his conquests lears back at him with mocking disdain.

Lost Tales of Sacred Fruit

In the tapestry of mythology, the symbols of fruit are threads woven with spiritual potency, carrying echoes of ancient wisdom and cosmic truths. From the forbidden apple that kindled humanity's consciousness, Hera's sacred pears and the golden apples of immortality tended by the Hesperides, fruits are imbued with symbolism that transcends mere sustenance. They represent the cycle of life, fertility, abundance, and the interconnectedness of all beings. Each bite is a communion with the divine, a sacrament of transformation and renewal. In the lush orchards of myth, fruits are not mere edibles but portals to the sacred, inviting us to taste the sweetness of cosmic harmony and awaken to the eternal rhythms of existence.

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