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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Fall of the Rebel Angels, 2020

Fall of the Rebel Angels, 2020

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24" x 32" acrylic on board; Basic Frame

The theme of the "Fall of the Rebel Angels" has a rich and enduring history in art, spanning centuries and diverse cultural contexts. Originating from religious narratives, particularly the Christian tradition, the motif depicts the celestial rebellion led by Lucifer against God and the subsequent expulsion of the disobedient angels from heaven. Early representations can be found in medieval illuminated manuscripts, where artists illustrated biblical texts such as the Book of Revelation. During the Renaissance, artists like Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Luca Giordano brought renewed vigor to the theme, exploring the dramatic clash between heavenly forces with intricate details and dynamic compositions. The theme continued to captivate artists in later periods, undergoing various stylistic and conceptual reinterpretations. In each iteration, the "Fall of the Rebel Angels" serves as a metaphorical exploration of divine justice, human free will, and the eternal struggle between good and evil, showcasing its enduring significance in the tapestry of art history.

Reverse: A sketch of a cavalryman in the demonic host.


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