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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Final Breath, 2020

Final Breath, 2020

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15" x 20" acrylic on board; Basic Frame

A reclining figure expels a final breath which transforms into a fantastical bloom of bird faces.

In the hushed theater of life, where the curtains of existence draw to a close, there emerges a poignant crescendo—the final living breath of a human. This sacred exhalation, a delicate wisp escaping the corporeal cage, is a symphony of closure and transition. It carries the weight of a lifetime, an ethereal echo of laughter, tears, and whispered dreams. In that fleeting exhale, the essence of a journey is released, a silent narrative surrendering to the cosmic embrace. It dances with the tendrils of ephemeral moments, intertwining with the universal breath that has caressed the faces of the ancients and will tenderly touch those yet unborn. The last breath, a sacred sigh, marks not an end but a profound transformation—an exodus from the tangible into the ineffable, a poetic punctuation in the eternal poem of existence.


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