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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Gaggle Cometh, 2021

Gaggle Cometh, 2021

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24" x 24" oil on board; Basic Frame

One of my rare experiments in oil painting. There will be more one day when I have a properly ventilated studio. A whimsical exploration following my theme of many-headed creatures. This one echoes the classical theme of the "ship of fools." A variety of beasts have conjoined with a one-eyed, mouth-breathing beast of chaos. Perhaps an allegory concerning the compunction of many to slavishly attach themselves to myopic propositions. I find myself wondering why flat-earthers are on the rise.

Reverse: A quick sketch for a future project. A shattered visage, poorly stitched back together, eyes restfully closed. From its mouth a new figure emerges. Possible allegory of reinventing oneself after trauma.

F. Forrestall

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