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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Ingram's Promise, 2019

Ingram's Promise, 2019

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17" x 22" acrylic on board; Unframed + Cradle Box

I once had a vivid dream that stuck with me for a long time. In the dream an acquaintance from high school named Ingram was looking into my eyes with great earnestness and muttering "I promise... I promise." Then he turned and walked away. I turned in another direction and walked down a filthy, graffiti covered alley. It was frightening and I half expected to be attacked. A movement at the end of the alley caught my attention. It was this teddy bear with empty eyes. At first it was moving as though it were alive but then stood motionless as I approached. As I got closer I remember wondering if this is what Ingram had promised.

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