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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

No Mystery, 2022

No Mystery, 2022

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14" x 17" Watercolor on Paper; unframed.

In the quiet corridors of medieval solitude, anchorites sought sanctuary by bricking themselves into small rooms, weaving solitude into the fabric of their existence. Their self-imposed confinement was a sacred cocoon, a deliberate retreat from the world's tumult. Fast forward to the tapestry of our contemporary lives, where isolation takes subtler forms. In the digital age, we construct intangible walls, curated by screens and algorithms, forging a solitude not of bricks but of bytes. Behind our self-fashioned walls, we find both refuge and alienation, trading the tangible confines of medieval anchorholds for the fluid isolation of virtual spaces. In these modern cells, we navigate a paradox—connected yet detached, surrounded by a cacophony of voices but ensconced in our singular realms. The anchorite's physical enclosure finds its echo in the digital silos we construct, both narratives woven into the evolving fabric of our shared human solitude.

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