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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Ozymandias, 2012

Ozymandias, 2012

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24" x 32" acrylic on board; Unframed + Cradle Box


Inspired by the poem of the same name that my father would read to me when I was a child.

Ozymandias, as vividly depicted in Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem, stands as a poignant emblem of fallen grandeur and the ephemeral nature of human achievements. The remnants of his colossal statue, shattered and half-buried in the desolate sands, evoke a once-mighty ruler who wielded boundless power. Despite the eroded visage, the sculptor's artistry still hints at a commanding countenance, reflecting the pride and arrogance that defined Ozymandias' reign. The inscription, "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" serves as an ironic testament to the hubris that led to his inevitable downfall. In the vast, indifferent landscape, Ozymandias becomes a symbol of the transience of worldly glory, a cautionary tale echoing through time about the impermanence of human endeavors in the face of nature's relentless march.

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