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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Silent Withdrawal, 2020

Silent Withdrawal, 2020

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32" x 48" Acrylic on Board; Basic Frame

So many of my paintings are a mystery to me when I begin them. The sketches they are based on boil to the surface through my liminal sketching process. Most of these sketches are not worth pursuing as more complex pieces, but for the rare few there is a deep resonance and an emerging vision which only makes sense with the passage of time. I'm convinced that when an image finds a resonant passage into the viewer's psyche that we are witnessing the glimmer of a pure truth.

Silent Withdrawal: The people I've distanced myself from over the years know what they have done. There is no need to discuss or debate the points of contention. To them I say: "you did what you did and I simply got out of your way. Let us both enjoy the peace that follows."

Reverse: The ovoid panel of the painting is mounted on another panel with a smaller ovoid extraction. The result on the reverse is an ovoid relief in which I have loosely painted a scene from the journey of an unknown Saint through a nightmarish landscape under a hazy moon. Perhaps a study for another painting in the future.


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