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Frank Forrestall Fine Art

Totem #2, 2021

Totem #2, 2021

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24" x 32" acrylic on board; Basic Frame

Number two of three in the "Totem" series. Stream-of-consciousness sketches from my sketchbooks. A creature of dreams.

Keeping a personal spiritual totem in one's home is a powerful practice, providing a tangible connection to individual beliefs and a source of spiritual solace. These symbolic artifacts serve as anchors to personal narratives and values, creating a sanctuary within the home for introspection and peace. In the midst of life's challenges, a spiritual totem becomes a focal point for mindfulness, encouraging moments of reflection and alignment with higher principles. Its presence fosters a sense of continuity, linking past, present, and future, offering a source of rootedness in a rapidly changing world. Overall, a spiritual totem enriches daily life by nurturing a sense of purpose and spiritual connection.

Reverse: A spirit emerging.

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